Father’s Day Gift Ideas (Socks Optional!)

Father’s Day Gift Ideas (Socks Optional!)

So the yearly debate on what to get dad is upon us. It goes without saying that a hug, a homemade treat and a beautiful hand crafted card is always welcome. If you’re looking to tap into his favourite pastimes or loveable character traits, then here are some ‘non sock’ ideas for Father’s Day this 5th September 2021.


As passionate about yelling at the game on TV as he is about playing the game and supporting the kids, whatever the sport, this dad is there with the jersey, scarf and facepaint on.

Gift ideas:

Homme by David Beckham fragrance from Optimal Pharmacy

Sports watch from The Ritz Jewellers

Physiotherapy session from Bella Vista Physiotherapy Centre


Don’t call the tradey…Dad’s got this. From TV remote issues to Wifi situations, from the latest to the greatest in the tech world, this Dad is onto it.

Gift ideas:

Gadgets galore from Sy Tech

iTunes Voucher from Coles

Magazines or scratchies from Norwest News


“I could have won Masterchef if I had entered”, this Dad tosses pancakes, stir-fries and salads like an olympic-style celebrity chef, look out Gordon Ramsay!

Gift Ideas:

Freshest seafood ingredients from Norwest Fresh Seafood

A night off from cooking and get takeaways instead from Joey’s Pizza & Pasta 


Rancho-relaxo dad is chilled, pet friendly and easy company, he loves a good book and a good yarn. Full of wise words, this creative chap is very huggable.

Gift Ideas:

His favourite spirit or beer from Liquorland

Puzzle from Norwest News


All crisp shirts and cologne, city dad is dapper as all get up. He’s super slick, organised and generally a top to toe style leader.

Gift ideas:

JOOP! Jump Fragrance from Optimal Pharmacy

Get Dad’s favourite shoes freshened up at Norwest Shoes & Keys

Gift Voucher for hair cut and beard shape from Kingsmen Hair


Yes, this dad is passionate about his motor vehicle. Garaging is a must, checking random things under the hood is all part of the ritual and this man’s car is clean, squeaky! 

Gift ideas:

Gift Voucher for Enacon Car Wash

iTunes Voucher from Coles


Of course, socks are optional.

Happy Father’s Day.