Financial Support at Norwest Marketown - Norwest Marketown
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Financial Support at Norwest Marketown

Financial Support at Norwest Marketown

At Norwest Marketown, we aim to be the heart of the Hills District community. We know everyone has been affected by COVID-19 one way or another, and we want to let you know we are here to help.

We now house two of the biggest banks in Australia, Commonwealth Bank and NAB. Both of these banks have played integral parts in helping the community piece back together 2020. See how they can help your situation below.

Tradie Tom

You haven’t stopped chipping away onsite, working hard through some of the toughest lockdown restrictions. But that doesn’t mean your business hasn’t been affected in some way. Speak to the staff at NAB Norwest Marketown who can give you cash flow advice with the main goal of keeping you on track for a successful year.

Café Owner Catherine

Commonwealth Bank has made it their mission this year to understand the ins and outs of JobKeeper, how your business can survive off decreased revenue and how you can continue to pay your staff. Seek support from the Commonwealth Bank team at Norwest Marketown who will give you their knowledge and complete understanding.

Home-Owners Harry & Hannah

Last year, you finally ticked off your goal of owning your first home together. But now, you are feeling the pressure of your mortgage due to financial hardship. NAB’s priority is to support you in any way they can. They can help you manage your mortgage payments by pausing them or changing them to suit your new situation. If you are already a customer of NAB, book in an appointment with one of the staff at Norwest Marketown today to discuss options for your future.

Retiree Richard

Unfortunately, scammers are taking advantage of the current situation to access private information of the more vulnerable. Commonwealth Bank wants to ensure senior members of the community are kept safe and healthy during this time, so they have banned together with National Seniors Australia, Older Persons Advocacy Network and Dementia Australia to provide a new support service. You can call them on 1800 171 866 for more information.

If you are struggling financially like one of the situations above, you can visit either bank at Norwest Marketown who will welcome you with open arms (while keeping socially distant of course). Alternatively, you can visit the Commonwealth Bank support page here, and NAB here.

Remember that we are in this together and we will remain a close-knit community.

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