Jeans for Genes - Community Appreciation Week - Norwest Marketown
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Jeans for Genes – Community Appreciation Week

Jeans for Genes – Community Appreciation Week

We just want to say thank you!!
Norwest Marketown held a Jeans for Genes Day in August and wanted to say a big thankyou to a group of lovely ladies who helped support this event.

To recognise the community champions who volunteered their time for the Jeans for Genes Day we arranged
a high tea and a certificate of appreciation for each person that volunteered.

The Volunteer Team for Jeans for Genes Day:

1. Sandra Clarry
2. Helen Cunliffe
3. Mary Howell
4. Lonza Jeffery
5. Lucy Jones
6. Lois Mathews
7. Pam McAuliffe
8. Jean Wall

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