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Spring Has Sprung, Let’s Have Some Emoji Fun

Spring Has Sprung, Let’s Have Some Emoji Fun

Giveaway closed. 

Spring has sprung and it’s brought an explosion of flavour, emojis and giveaways.

On the Norwest Marketown Facebook page, we’re giving away $1,000 worth of gift cards to spend at Norwest Marketown. For your chance to win, all you have to do is comment a recipe using emoji’s only, our favourites win a $50 gift card!

Here are a few examples.

Thursday is one of those days where you’re almost at FriYAY, but not quite. You’ve been busy all week and you’re running low on time. You need to make yourself a quick lunch during your break, what do you cook? Share it here. We go for 🐟🥬🥒🥑🌶️🥗, which is emoji code for a Salmon salad.

We can’t forget the sweet tooths who would rather eat a delicious block of chocolate for dinner or spend most of their time in the kitchen finding new cake recipes to share with their family. One of our favourite dessert recipes is 🥚🌼🧈🍫🍒, can you guess what that is? Black Forrest Cake! Share your favourite cake recipes with us here.

On Sunday, families often come together to enjoy dinner as a group. What do you cook when you know your in-laws are joining you? The traditional feast looks a little something like this 🦃🥔🍠🥕🥦🧄🧅🥂, Roast Turkey, veggies and Champagne.

A very popular Chinese festival is coming up in October, Moon Festival. This is where families come together to worship the moon with gifts, displaying lanterns and eating 🌝🍰. The best part is that they can be made more contemporary with any type of fillings like 🥜🍨🍓.

Seafood is a staple at Norwest Marketown, especially with Norwest Marketown Seafood offering the freshest oysters, prawns and lobsters. We found a fun recipe to incorporate prawns, 🍤🥑🥂🧂🧅🌶️🍅, mix all the ingredients together and you have a prawn and avocado tart. How do you incorporate seafood into your meals? Share here.

Make sure you follow us on Facebook so you can get involved with the spring emoji fun.

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